Monster Yogurt Scary Tastes Good  
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Financial Resources A minimum liquidity of $90,000 and a minimum net worth of $400,000.
Share a devotion for our Mission To provide a world class, carefree and entertaining dessert experience for friends and family alike.

Have Commitment to our Brand Critical Standards

Have Fun:  We believe that by having fun and creating a fun environment that we can impact the way other people enjoy life.   

Time with Family and Friends:  We believe that time with family and friends strengthens relationships and bonds within families and communities. 

Carefree style: Carefree means free from anxiety or responsibility. This is not a feeling many parents or caretakers experience often. We believe that it is our duty to provide carefree moments for our guests.   

Clean environment:   At Monster YogurtTM cleanliness perception is as critical as the reality.   We believe that from the first customer of the day to the last every customer deserves the same clean experience.      

Community leaders:   Live Local - Be an enthusiastic member of your community. Your Monster YogurtTM will bring value to the community.  Through coffee charities and grassroots efforts our actions and contributions will reflect the value that we bring.

This does not constitute a franchise offering. Franchise offerings may only be made after your receipt of our Franchise Disclosure Document. You are under no obligations by submitting a request for more information.